Jay Abraham – His Ideas and My Comments

I have been reading about and applying the ideas of Jay Abraham for almost twenty years. He is a marketing genius. Of course that doesn’t mean that I agree with everything he says or recommends. The following is a list of ways to dominate your marketplace, paraphrased from his book, The Sticking Point Solution, followed by my own thoughts.

Ways To Position Yourself, Your Product, or Your Company as Preeminent in Your Marketplace

1. Abraham suggests that you take the attitude “In Your Service” with everything you do for your customers, and that you be their trusted advisor for life.

I think this is only appropriate in certain businesses. Honestly, if you sell a basic commodity, it is a bit much to expect that you’ll be “trusted advisor for life” to clients, and there is nothing wrong with just selling a decent product and limiting the service part of the transaction if that works for you.

2. Say what your competition doesn’t say. Tell clients what they’re not being told by your competitors.

I have to agree with this one. Being more honest and open is a good policy in business and in life.

3. Make clear your achievements and the value you bring to a client, but do it with humility and humanity.

This is part of being honest and open. Bragging is unpleasant, but if it is relevant, say it.

4. Be open about your deficiencies, and so acknowledge your humanity to clients.

Again, this is part of being honest, and if it is relevant, to do otherwise is a form of fraud.

5. Consider each relationship as a long-term investment, not a one-night stand.

This depends on the nature of your business and the transaction. Jay Abraham and others who work as consultants tend to think all business has to approached as they approach theirs. It may be a nice thought, but selling ice cream to tourists from other countries does not require a long-term investment of time.

6. Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, and play to your strengths.

This is a tough one, since we often want to correct our weaknesses more than use our strengths. But I think he is right on here, and this is not only the more profitable route, but the one that brings the most value to the world. We are born with different gifts, after all, and spending time fighting to do what we are not good at may just take away from using what we have.

7. Control your risk.

Abraham covers ways to do this throughout his books. A most obvious suggestion that he repeats many times, but we often don’t do, is to look for the low-cost, low-risk ways to increase sales before trying more risky ways. Calling former clients to see if they need your service, for example, costs only time – it is generally much cheaper than advertising for new clients.

8. Project the image of true success.

I have mixed feeling about this one. I guess I can never quite get used to the idea that we have to impress people beyond offering a decent product or service that they want or need. Of course, I understand that this may help with sales, but if it means pretending to be someone or something that i am not, I can live with lower sales instead.

This was actually only half of the list of ways to position your product or company in the marketplace that Jay Abraham covered in The Sticking Point Solution. And though I may have a few differences of opinion with him, there are few authors who have more valuable things to say about marketing.

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