The Many Ways to Make Money

Among the many ways to make money we discover not only methods suited to the particular talents we each have, but also ways suited to our true goals. You see, we don’t actually get anything from having a pile of green paper or higher numbers on a bank statement. We don’t get anything, that is, until we use that money for what we truly need and want.

This is where it gets tricky. It would be simple if we could each simply determine what we needed, how much money that requires, and then find ways to make that much money. But in reality we cannot entirely separate our needs, desires and goals from HOW we make money. If we could, we would all be looking for the fastest most efficient way to make what we have determined we need. But it matters what we do, doesn’t it? It matters morally, and it matters according to our inherent ways of operating.

I don’t want to sell cigarettes to people to make a profit, for example, even if I was sure I can make more money doing that than what I am currently doing. There are some ethical issues there, but I don’t even want to be a singer if I was paid twice what I make. The money is not everything, and although the enjoyment of how we make it is not everything either, it is not nothing.

So when you look at ways to make money, start with some criteria other than just how to make a bunch quickly. Yes you can in theory get rich fast as a trader on Wall Street, but you might hate it so much that you do it wrong and don’t get rich. You also might get rich doing something you enjoy, and if it takes you twice as long you at least enjoyed the time getting there.

Let’s look at some more specific ways to make money as they work for satisfying other needs and goals. If you like a lot of flexible free time, you don’t want a job except as a temporary tool. You might save the money made at it and then invest in real estate rentals that can be managed for you at some point. Or if you love analyzing companies and working with numbers, you could invest in the stock market.

If you love to be outdoors more than anything else, find a way to make money that keeps you outside for most of each day. You might enjoy tending gardens, for example. If it is also important to make more money, you could look into being a geologist for oil and mineral extraction companies. If you want to be outdoors and get rich you might speculate in land or start an internet business that allows you to do your work with a laptop on a mountain top.

Whichever of the many ways to make money that you choose, always keep those other values in mind. Look for that healthy balance between making money for future dreams and making it in ways that satisfy goals and needs you have now.

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