What is the Meaning of Money?

This ubiquitous and powerful and tool buys medicine, builds homes and pays for worldly dreams, including those with spiritual motivations. It also can corrupt even the most honest of individuals. And although it is often over-valued, money is almost always important, usually more so than people realize. It is time to understand money. You might want to make more or to spend less, but in any case we could all use it more wisely.

This site covers making money, along with investing it, saving it, and thinking about it. I don’t ignore meaning and purpose. Jobs and businesses are looked at not only the perspective of how to succeed, but with the question of purpose and true satisfaction always in mind. There is some bias here. I happen to think it matters how you earn a living, and that business should be conducted honestly. My thinking is forever evolving, but you can find my current thoughts on my page about my money ideas and beliefs.